Recovery Programs A Loving and Safe Environment

These meetings are currently being held every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom meetings.

Recovery and Support Meetings

Recovery and support meetings were established to help ourselves get better through Jesus Christ in an environment that is safe to do so.

Guiding Principles:

• To be honest with ourselves and the group, trusting that confidentiality and anonymity will be upheld.

• To accept others and ourselves where we are.

• To be humble in our growth so others do not feel intimidated.

Feeling closed off from everyone? Need someone to talk to?  Join our Biblical Support Group to talk through this difficult time.  Group and one-on-one sessions are available via our New Zoom Support Group Meetings.  We offer a safe place with spiritual guidance.  

Call (424) 209-2556 or email us at: to register for your invitation. 


Free-N-One focuses on living a spirit-filled life set free from the bondage of addiction through weekly meetings and workshops for facilitators and church leaders. It is founded on Biblical principles and believes firmly in the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tough Love

Tough Love meetings provide help to family members and significant others who are affected by a loved one’s drug and/or alcohol problem. The program endeavors to assist family members in breaking unhealthy patterns of behavior in relationships.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation Class provides practical support in helping those who are ready to quit smoking. (Available upon request)

Grief Care

Grief Care helps provide support for those experiencing a form of loss and in need of compassion to help them along the road to recovery. (Available upon request)

Join us for confidential meetings.


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