About Us

The Prevailing Family Life Center seeks to build up the neighboring community and offer services that impact those aspects that create stronger individuals and families.

Why We Exist

Founded by Michael J. Ealey, Senior Pastor of Prevailing in Christ Ministries, the Prevailing Family Life Center’s vision is to empower and equip individuals and families to find the path to a prevailing life. We provide impactful services that build up the neighboring community. Our mission is to reach and restore families and communities through educational, healthy living, and vocational resources.

Biblical Motivation

We strive to build the waste places and be repairers of the breach as found in Isaiah 58:12.

  • Self-Centered Walls

    23:27 observed laws that disregarded the heart of the religion. The church should be life for the city, not a stronghold that excluded them from the life of God.

  • Wasted Places

    Depressed neighborhoods and distressed communities.

  • Foundations

    Means the family; and the family means generations. We must get involved in the family dynamics.

  • Dumbfounded by Divorce

    Three words that make marriage work: prayer, prayer, and prayer.

  • Repairers

    When youth see adults as the enemy, they often turn to violence, sex, drugs, and alternative lifestyles. We must assist to restore a path for the power of God to flow into the family and become an agent of healing and health. (James 1:27)


1609 E Del Amo Blvd.

Carson, CA 90746




(424) 209-2556

Office Hours


9am to 5pm PT